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The CTB16PC-ReadyToGO is a fully assembled 16 channel, weather-resistant light controller that can operate independently (standalone mode non-musical), operate as the (non-musical) director unit in a multi-controller network or as an add-on unit of a larger synchronized network of controllers (musical or non-musical). Use this controller for displays at Christmas, Halloween, or any other time of year!

Each of the 16 independent channels has a number of possible effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer. This controller can be used with standard LED or incandescent light strands; pixels may not be plugged into any of the 16 channels on this controller. The CTB16PC can be connected to other Light-O-Rama controllers (including pixel controllers such as the CMB24D, Pixies or Pixcon16) with a Cat5 line and therefore used as a part of a mixed AC/Pixel display.

The CTB16PC-ReadyToGO is built in a weather resistant plastic case allowing it to be used in outdoor environments.

Note: Software is not included.



$125.00 FREE Shipping

Light-O-Rama CTB-16PC Gen 3 AC Controller

This controller was use for 3 years, it still works like new. Has the latest Firmware.


No Light are included. Light-O-Rama, xLights software are required.

  There are 16 channels to control all you AC Lights. You can download the User Manual for this controller Here