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The Electra Ink trademark — i.e. the word "Electra Ink", whether or not in capitals — is owned and controlled by Advanced System Repair, who cooperates with the Electra Ink Association and local non-profit associations to foster the use of the Electra Ink software.

Although you are encouraged to use the Electra Ink trademark (and the official Electra Ink logo (official link to be included when released by the Electra Ink Association), which is itself a use of the Electra Ink trademark) for your own purposes, you must first obtain a license. You can either obtain this license automatically, or through a license grant procedure, as further explained below in this policy.

This policy therefore first explains whether you receive an automatic license, or whether you need to obtain a license through the license grant procedure. In addition, this policy explains which "rules of use" apply when you use the Electra Ink trademark (whether you obtained the license automatically, or through the license grant procedure).
2. Why this policy was created

This policy is based on the questions received by Advanced System Repair from various persons and companies, and tries to cover the most typical use cases for the Electra Ink trademark. By imposing simple rules, this policy aims to create a level playing field for everyone interested in using the Electra Ink trademark.
3. Limitations of this policy

Do not assume that this policy will answer every question you may have about the use of the Electra Ink trademark. There will be scenarios where your intended use of the Electra Ink trademark is not entirely covered by this policy, or where you have doubts as to whether or not a specific rule applies. In all these cases, you should contact Advanced System Repair.

Please also note that, while the use of the official Electra Ink logo is covered by this trademark policy, the use of the Electra Ink icon (logo.png) is not. Any use of the Electra Ink icon is subject to separate licensing. Contact the Electra Ink Association for details.